Update logic

  • The CSV file should contain a full list of the employees that should have business profiles at Gett
  • The file is parsed as soon as the new file is deposited in the folder in the SFTP and updates the list of employees in your Gett account
New users in the fileWill be added to your account
Current/existing usersWill be updated if any details were changed
Missing usersWill be deleted from your account


Identify Employees

We determine which users are new and which users need to be updated based on the Employee ID column.

All other information (name, email, phone, etc.) can be changed except the Employee ID as it is the unique identifier.


Manual user creation

Employees can still be created manually from the web platform.
Once created manually, the employee will be marked as "not auto-synced" and will remain so until the first time their Employee ID is encountered in the file.

If the user doesn't have an Employee ID (may be the case for contractors), the information will remain "not auto-synced" and updates from the file will not affect the user profile that was manually created.

We recommend creating users manually in two cases:

  • Contractor or out-of-staff personnel that is not stored in your staff directory
  • It’s a newcomer who needs to use the Gett service immediately on the day of joining
    • Once you have the newcomer's Employee ID, you can add it to the user profile. When the system checks the file during the next upload, it will automatically sync the details


Users that are manually created and have no Employee ID added will have to be updated or removed manually by Admins.

What’s Next