File requirements

To successfully process the file please follow the requirements below

  • File format: CSV UTF 8 Comma-delimited (without BOM)
  • Filename: gett_reference_feed_ [x].csv, where [x] can contain letters, spaces and/or numeric symbols. Files with a different name format will not be processed
  • For each reference field, please upload a separate file
    • Up to 7 reference fields are supported



The column header in the file must matched the reference field name in the web portal. The name is case sensitive so it should match what you have in the web portal exactly.

New reference fields cannot be created from the feed, it can only be created in the web portal. You can do it yourself on the web or ask your success manager to assist. The reference field should be pre-configured as "validated" in order for the feed to work

  • Each file should contain only one column


Please note

  • There should not be multiple Validated reference fields with the same name
  • The file can contain a maximum of 100,000 values
  • Be sure to enclose in double quotes any values contains commas
  • No limitations on the characters to be passed
  • Values above 64 symbols will be automatically truncated