Welcome to Business API documentation.

Our API allows you to integrate Gett solutions into your operational process. The endpoints that we use allow you to easily make calls to retrieve information and execute actions.

Most of the functionalities needed are available through the API.

  • Request Ride/Delivery
    • On-demand & Pre-book
    • Multi-passenger, multi-stop rides and multi-dropoffs for delivery
  • Update order
  • Get order details
  • Get supplier details and location
  • Get a price estimation
  • Get an order receipt (post-ride calculations)
  • Cancel order

Documentation starts with a general overview of the design and technology that was implemented and is followed by detailed information on specific methods and endpoints.

The Gett platform is dynamic and works with multiple suppliers with different capabilities and restrictions to get the best of Gett API and for smooth order requests you will have to request orders based on "Company settings" and "Gett products".



Please avoid hardcoding Product id's and their settings as they may change from time to time according to different suppliers and locations

  • HTTPS - All requests should be made using the HTTPS protocol.
  • Scopes - Each endpoint has required scope.
  • Authorization - request headers will have to include Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN

Gett Business API expects requests in JSON format with the Content-Type: application/JSON header. This ensures that your request is interpreted correctly.

For successful requests, a response will typically be returned in the form of a JSON object.

Rate limits

Gett Business API requests per account are limited by default to 16 requests per second.

  • if the rate limit was exceeded a Response code 429 will be returned.

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