Address Handling

How Gett handles addresses

Gett's address handling is based on the provided data.

We encourage you to provide a full breakdown of the addresses, provider name, and id for the best accuracy in the pickup

Lat, Lngfull addressaddress placeGett Behavior
Scenario_1TrueFalseFalseGett will resolve the address via Google using the coordinates specified in the request
Scenario_2TrueTrueFalseGett will accept the full_address and coordinates as POI, and won't resolve the coordinates
Scenario_3TrueTrueTrueGett will consume the coordinates and request the address breakdown and translation based on place provider and id

Address breakdown

"location": {
                "lat": 51.4585709149735,
                "lng": -0.4453791457396373,
                "address": {
                    "full_address": "Heathrow Terminal 4, Hounslow TW6 3XA, UK",
                    "city": "Hounslow",
                    "house": "",
                    "state": "England",
                    "street": "",
                    "country": "UK",
                    "postcode": "TW6 3XA",
                    "address_place": {
                        "provider": "GOOGLE",
                        "id": "ChIJJV-0krhzdkgRp4xHVJwUCVQ"


Please note

Two or more consecutive addresses on the route can't be identical.


Global rides

To request a global/roaming ride (out of the client's country of origin) providing full address breakdown is mandatory