Booking statuses

PendingThe order is in creation.
ReservedPre-book order has been created, will stay in this state until the driver assignment

Note: Routing status can be skipped.
RoutingOn-demand order has been created and locating a driver
ConfirmedA driver/courier on the way to the origin location
WaitingThe driver/courier has arrived at the origin location and waiting for the passenger/parcel.​
DrivingThe driver/courier has picked up the passenger/ parcel and on their way to the next stop.
CompletedThe order was completed
CancelledThe order has been cancelled, the order can be canceled by:
API request
Driver after some waiting time( the time to cancel can vary by services or suppliers
RejectedThe order has been rejected
On-demand: No driver could perform the order
Pre-book: No fleet reserved the order (order can be rejected a few minutes after the booking or after reservation)
CareReqThe order is been handled by customer care, the condition can be unique for each product/ customer
ActiveOrderSome suppliers can't share driver location and order statuses, they are called non-integrated/ untrackable suppliers, if a ride is performed by such type of supplier, the cycle will be:
1. reserved
2. active order (instead of confirmed/ waiting/ driving )
3. completed/ canceled/ rejected

Booking life Cycle