Company settings

To better manage your orders and request Gett Business API allows the application to get company settings by API, the settings are mandating and overrides the "Products" settings.



If Products return "riders" = 4 and in company settings, the "allow_multi_riders" is not allowed you won't be able to request an order for more than 1 rider (passenger)


URL/v1/companies/settings?businessId={{businessid}}URL for Company settings request
businessIdUUIDCompany UUID identificator obtained from Gett in registration process
Autharization access_tokenBearer


Please Note

Company settings can add restriction but can't remove them

e.g. if the product requires a mandatory destination and the company settings don't. the destination is still mandatory and required

curl --location --request GET '<companyUUID>' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <access token>' \
--header 'Accept: application/json'


mandatory_destinationbooleanTrue if destination field is mandatory for new order
allow_multi_ridersbooleanTrue - you are allowed to send details of multi riders on the order request

False - only one rider detail is allowed
referencesobjectReference fields available for new order
references[x].idintegerReference field identificator
references[x].titlestringReference field title
references[x].mandatorybooleanTrue if reference field is mandatory for new order
payment_typesarray of stringsPayment types available for company


Please note

  • Once a reference is mandatory, you will have to specify in the order request: id, title, and value of the reference
  • Some reference fields are validated against a predefined list
  • Reference fields can be added/updated only from the platform UI
    "mandatory_destination": true,
    "allow_multi_riders": true,
    "references": [
            "id": 34549,
            "title": "Reason for travel",
            "mandatory": true
            "id": 6054590,
            "title": "Cost centre",
            "mandatory": false
            "id": 602391,
            "title": "Passcode",
            "mandatory": true
    "payment_types": [

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