Employee feed - SFTP

Connection and Setup

Gett grants your company access to a dedicated folder on the SFTP server hosted by Gett.

Authorization is done using:

  • Hostname and username
  • Private SSH key
  • Whitelisted IP-address

What you need to send us to set up an SFTP folder for your company:

  • Public SSH Key - please use the SSH-2 RSA algorithm. You could use the following guide to generate it
  • List of IP addresses to add to a whitelist -- we recommend adding as few addresses as possible and refrain from adding subnets for security reasons
  • An email address that will receive a summary of errors if any occur during the sync

Once we receive the above information, we will share the hostname and username with you when the SFTP folder is set up.

Files management

  • A CSV file with employees' data will be deposited in the folder and updated in an automatic manner from your source at a convenient frequency
  • Once the file is uploaded, it will be processed within minutes and removed from the folder straight after processing