Finite Response Examples

Completed status (Code 70)

When a completed status has set, the Verification object is added.

"status": "completed",
"status_code": 70,
// verifications appears later in response
"verifications": [
		"type": "recipient",
		"proved_at": "2020-06-28T14:34:51.293262Z",
		"proof": {
			"recipient_category": "other",
      "recipient_name": "john doe",
      "signature_provided": false,
      "verified_by": "5702"

Not_delivered status (Code 90)

The list below contains 7 default reason_type for not_delivered status
The list of default reason_type is one of:
cannot_reach_client (ID 1)
wrong_address (ID 2)
rejected (ID 5)
courier_arrived_late (ID 7)
cant_find_address (ID 9)
missing_address (ID 10)
operational_fault (ID 11)

In order to add specific reason_type please contact us


"status": "not_delivered",
"status_code": 90,
"cannot_deliver_info": {
"description": "wrong address",
  "reason_id": 2,
  "reason_type": "wrong_address"
 "courier": {
   "name": "Dan ",
   "phone": "054-1234567",
   "picture_url": ""

Cancelled status (Code 100)

Cancellation of delivery can be applied by:

  1. Cancelled delivery by Cancel Delivery
  2. End customer (End Customer can reschedule the delivery via tracking link)
  3. Manual cancellation due to a specific requirement.
  4. Automatic cancellation after 24 hours when no courier assigned
"status": "cancelled",
"status_code": 100,
"cannot_deliver_info": {
	"description": "Cancellation by customer care",
	"reason_type": ""

Rejected status (Code 80)

Rejected status can be applied by 3 main reasons

  1. Invalid phone number.
  2. Drop off address is out of polygon (Distribution area).
  3. Manual Rejecting by Back-office

add examples

"status": "rejected",
"status_code": 80,

// Rejection info appears at the high level of the json response
"rejection_info": {
	"description": "Drop off not allowed because it is out of the defined service area for the selected pickup point"