Delivery API description

This API defines the process & methods of access for creating deliveries within Gett systems.
This API uses the Authentication and product capabilities explained in other sections, and so they will not be covered again.

About deliveries

Deliveries are contained within what we call - a bundle.
a bundle is defined as a set of deliveries to be picked up at the same time and in the same place.

A real-life example of this would be: we have 20 packages ready to be delivered at 08:00 AM from warehouse X, and we wish that all these packages would be picked up at the same time, once a bundle is created, we could add/remove packages to the bundle up until the bundle would be dispatched.

Currently - Gett supports only point to multipoint bundle, meaning, one warehouse with multiple dropoffs.

High level flow

  1. Authenticate into the public API with the delivery scope
  2. Create Deliveries
  3. Manage deliveries (cancel, view progress)
  4. Get deliveries/parcels status (By Webhook or by Show Bundle/Delivery)

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